Tips For Planning A Quick Getaway

The popularity of micro-vacations and quick getaways has been on the rise the past couple of years.  From the popular weeklong vacations to the one or two days away has opened up a brand-new market for vacationers.  The thought of a long vacation sounds great to some people.  Sitting on the beach, going to amusement parks, taking a cruise are all great vacations, however taking a getaway fort myers trip at a drop of hat can be just as if not more exciting.


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Packing for a trip can be stressful.  However, for a one- or two-night getaway you can make more specific choices in your wardrobe, take less with you and even throw your clothes into a backpack and go.


Last minute deals are all over the place.  Finding a discounted fare on air travel, a bus or even a train can lead you to an exciting adventure.  For example, you might be able to get on a train for ten or fifteen bucks where taking a plane could cost you a thousand.  Taking the time to look for deals, coupons and vouchers can open the door to great adventures.


As you look for different things to do you might find yourself in a position to take part in special events that you never knew were going on.  Most people will host events in peak or prime times of the year.  However, there are the occasional off events in areas that locals only know about.  When traveling on these micro-vacations you could occasionally come across these events and have fun and unique experiences you wouldn’t have otherwise had.

Being Adventurous

Taking a trip can be adventurous.  As we go through life, we tend to find ourselves in the same pattern over and over again.  Taking a moment to just be spontaneous and go on a quick getaway can really recharge your batteries and let you know what it is you are living for.