Cool Facts And Figures About Golf

Golf is a great game that looks easy but is actually really challenging.  This game is played on a course filled with hazards, obstacles as well as the elements.  Each player on the field is called a golfer.  The golfer will travel the course which is made up of nine or eighteen holes.  Some of the best places to play are Palm Springs golf courses.

Illegal to play

Golf was banned three times in Scotland.  The reason behind this is the belief by the Scottish government that it interfered with military exercises.

Famous golfers

Just like in any sport we have a wide range of famous players.  Phil Mickelson is one of those first players.  An interesting fact about him is that he was born right-handed but plays golf left-handed.  The reason he does this is because of his time watching his father play golf.  As he watched his father, he would mirror his actions which in return trained his playing to be left-handed.

Tigger Woods is probably one of the most famous men to play the sport.  Over his time playing golf he won seventy-seven PGA tours.  He also hit his first hole in one when he was eight years old.

Hole in one

A hole in one is the process of hitting the ball from the tee and having it travel the entire length of the hole, hitting the green and landing in the hole.  The mathematical average chance for a player to achieve this is 12,500 to 1.

Interplanetary sport

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The game of golf is the only one that was ever played on the Moon.  In fact the balls that were hit on the moon are still there to this day.

When it comes to golf there are a lot of interesting facts that you can learn about.  Taking the time to learn them will also help you appreciate the game and your experiences on the course.